The drone follows a programmed plan to map the terrain

A Bigger Picture

Orthomosaic drone mapping and modeling is providing a fast and efficient way to quickly get an accurate overview of large areas.

Precision Accuracy

The aerial technology available in drones is steadily advancing.   As a result, drones are now providing survey quality precision maps, accurate to 0.1 foot.  Additionally, mapping by drone is consistently faster, safer, and cheaper than traditional methods.

Multiple photos are taken from many angles, allowing a 3d model of the buildings and terrain to be generated
Map of property made with drone mapping


The cameras on our drones provide high-definition data over large areas.   As a result, the collected data can be turned into high-definition orthomosaic maps and models.  Zooming in on our maps proves to be a valuable tool in collecting information on problem areas on roofs, the health of crop fields, and overviews of property.  For more information on aerial mapping and modeling, please contact us.

Fly Safe, Fly Legal