using drones can help with solar panel maintenence

The Future of an Industry

With the introduction of drones to the solar industry, collecting data on solar cells is dramatically simpler, safer, and more efficient.  In addition to photographic data, drones are capable of capturing thermal imaging, radiometry, and infrared imaging.


Drone thermography inspection allows for solar cell problem areas to be easily found and swiftly addressed.  Each drone is equipped with a thermal imaging camera that is used to readily identify potential fire hazards and cold solar cells, making early repairs possible.  Additionally, drones allow thermographic data collection to be conducted quickly, safely, and more efficiently than traditional solar inspection methods.

solar panels photographed by one of our our drone pilot
solar imaging with drone photography

Promoting Safety and Productivity

EmpowerUAV is using drones to actively help the solar industry grow and maximize energy collection.  This is accomplished firstly by providing affordable solar panel inspections, secondly by maximizing the efficiency of these inspections.  Consequently, EmpowerUAV's drones are aiding in increasing the productivity of the solar industry while promoting safety and safe work environments.  To learn more about how our services can be implemented to fit your needs, please contact us for a free consultation.

Fly Safe, Fly Legal