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4 Ways Drones Can Improve Agriculture

Drones down on the farm are cultivating the agriculture industry!

The advanced imaging and mapping capabilities of drones are giving farmers new and improved ways to run their farms. Drones are ideal tools for collecting information to monitor crops in agriculture.

Using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), a remote sensing measurement for agriculture, drone images can indicate the vegetation in certain areas, differentiate between crop stages, and even determine crop health.

There are several significant ways that drone data capture can benefit and better the agriculture industry.

4 Ways Drones Can Improve Agriculture

1. Drone data capture can increase crop production and yields.
Drone aerial imaging and mapping is an efficient way to increase productivity in agriculture. The amount of detailed data that drone and NDVI images can provide farmers allows them to increase their crop production produce greater yields.

2. Implementing drones to agriculture is a simple way to save time.
Drones can gather a large amount of data from sizeable farms in a short period of time. Once collected, the information can be accessed immediately and even discover any problems early on in order to address them before they spread.

3. Drone data capture provides several environmental benefits.
Drones with thermal cameras can detect the areas in the fields that are being under watered or over watered as well what areas need to be applied with more or less pesticides and/or fertilizers. With this information, farmers are able to increase water efficiency and reduce excess pesticide and fertilizer use.

4. The data collected from drones allows farmers to make decisions to produce healthier crops and increase their business.
Ultimately, the data capture from drones provides farmers with information that can improve their crops. Better crops can increase revenue by satisfying the customers, and happier customers make for better business.

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