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Drone Alert: Things are about the change in a big way!

New commercial drone federal rules and regulations are at our door step!

Indeed, the FAA is “promulgating” the rules and regulations regarding all “non-recreation or hobby” (referring to commercial and civilian) drone flights in U.S. National Airspace.

The new UAS provisions are said to ready to be published by the Federal Register into law this very month, June 2016, as Federal Aviation Regulation (F.A.R.) Part 107. It is only a few weeks away, so get ready!

Under the current Section 333 exemptions, Commercial UAV Operators must have an FAA certified pilot as their Pilot in Charge (PIC) and meet all other conditions of their approved FAA 333 Exemption and operate under the authority of a Civil Certificate of Authority (COA). Both the 333 and the COA list numerous conditions, restrictions, and reporting requirements to operate legally as a non-recreational civilian drone operator.

This makes it quite difficult to follow the legal path. But wait… this is good news, or is it?

With the new rule, recreational rules are not affected and the complicated process of the FAA 333 Exemptions go away. Even the current UAS “Blanket” UAS COA will most likely be replaced by Part 107. However, air space around airports will assuredly still be heavily regulated for safety.

With the proposed rule, the limitations for drone operators are not as complex. Here are a few of the important operator requirements in the proposed rule:

1. Operators must be at least 17 years old and must be vetted by the Transportation Security Administration.

2. Operators are required to pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA approved knowledge testing center as well as pass a recurrent aeronautical knowledge test every 24 months.

3. Operators must also obtain an unmanned aircraft operator certificate with a UAS rating. [But there is a catch! What exactly are those ratings and how will a UAS operator obtain and advance to the more advanced “ratings” as they develop their UAS Commercial Operator career? So it seems the FAA still has quite a bit to figure out even after the new rule is proposed!]

Click Here for the Complete FAA Proposed Rule

Look for the new rules at the end of the month, and check out No Crash Ash’s blog the first Wednesday of every month for more drone news and updates!

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