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Drones by the Numbers

The number of drones in the air is quickly multiplying day by day!

As the next big thing in technology, drones are becoming more and more popular with each day. The numbers associated with drones are quickly beginning to multiply in the country’s skies. But just how many will there be in the near future?

The Director of the FAA’s drone office, Earl Lawrence, recently made a few statements at the first meeting for the new government-industry drone advisory committee about the numbers of drones and drone pilots in the United States.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Numbers = boring (& even a little scary), and don’t forget about their appalling relationship with math. I totally understand and I’m right there with you, but here are some drone numbers that will blow your mind… In a good way!

• Nine months after the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) created the drone registration system, more than 550,000 UAVs have been registered.

• Lawrence claimed that new registrations are coming in at a rapid rate of 2,000 per day, which is a significant number compared to the 260,165 total manned aircrafts that are currently registered with the FAA.

• The FAA began issuing Part 107 drone pilot licenses less than a month ago. As of September 16th of this year, 13,710 people had applied to take the pilot exam, and out of that number 5,080 had passed it.

• The FAA estimated that there will be 15,000 licensed drone pilots by the end of 2016, but I think that number is too small and that the real figure will go far beyond it.

• The FAA is also forecasting that there will be more than 1.3 million licensed UAV pilots by the year 2020. That is about 85 times the estimate of the 15,000 this year! That is a pretty big leap in only 4 years!

Now, that is a whole lot of drones in the U.S. airspace! And the UAV industry is just going to keep on growing. So join the drone rush, and help continue increasing those numbers!

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