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Reaching New Heights in Real Estate

3 Reasons Realtors Should Use Drones

Aerial shots from drones have introduced a new meaning to the art of Photography, Video, Contour Mapping, and even 3D Property Models!

Drone (UAV / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) aerial photography gives us a new way of seeing the world from above.

Drone photography has also created a new way to market real estate.

Savvy Real Estate agents are partnering with FAA approved 333 commercial drone (UAV) operators for aerial photography in order to showcase properties to potential buyers and boost sales.

Not only is it a beneficial marketing tool for real estate agents, but it also is a great tool for the buyers.

3 Reasons Realtors Should Use Drones for Aerial Photography:

1. Drones offer an Affordable, Available, and a Wow Factor Marketing Tool!
By combining high-quality footage with an awesome aerial view, real estate agents are able to produce unique marketing pieces to showcase their listings to potential clients.

2. Drones offer you a Competitive Advantage because there is a limited number of UAV people operating legally!
Realtors have an opportunity to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors with drone aerial photography as their marketing tool.

3. New Perspective for Buyers – fresh & new draws more traffic, which means more sales!
Aerial photographs and videos allow real estate clients to get a whole new prospective and see aspects of the properties of interest that they may not be able to see from a simple tour of the house. Ultimately, with drones you are able to see a virtual aerial tour of large properties, like Empower’s very own Drone Port at the Lazy W Ranch.

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