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The Drone Biz is Ready For You!

The question is, do you have what it takes?

As the next big thing in technology, UAVs are a tool that can be utilized for a variety of commercial applications in the business world. Commercial UAV operation is commonly described as operating in the scope of business and earning compensation.

Drones have navigated their way into countless fields and industries. The most obvious application is aerial image capture for commercial photography / videography and even filmmaking.

But the use of drones goes beyond that. UAVs can survey, map, and monitor archaeological and agricultural lands as well as capture stunning pictures to market properties for real estate firms.

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If you are interested in adopting drones for your business or even starting your own drone biz, you must have what it takes. And that is what we call the golden ticket!

Golden Ticket
1. You must have an FAA 333 Approved Petition and Civil COA.

2. You must operate under all 333 and COA conditions & restrictions.

3. You must have an FAA Certified Pilot [Sport, Recreation, Private, Commercial, or Airline Transport].

4. The pilot must have a Current Airman Medical corresponding to license.

5. The pilot must also be current on the equipment they are certified for.

6. The pilot must demonstrate the UAV flight maneuvers required for the mission, on the platform they will fly, and demonstrate emergency/evasive procedures.

7. Finally, the pilot must be able to produce a UAV log of hours to support the necessary experience to safely perform the mission for hire.

Once you hold the golden ticket and know your application(s) of focus, you’re drone business is ready to take off!

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