Wind turbine inspection photo from Empower UAV drone pilot.

New Technology, Reliable Results

Drones are proving themselves to be invaluable tools in many high risk work environments, including wind turbine inspection.  Combined with high resolution, multi-directional cameras and experienced pilots, our drones provide high-quality, consistent data that identifies potential issues on wind turbines before they become problems.

Work Hazard Reduction

Traditional inspection methods for wind turbines pose serious hazards to the climbers involved.  However, inspecting wind turbines with drones  dramatically decreases the risk of injury.  Additionally, with the base of operations and the control station both on the ground, there is no need to climb the wind turbine to inspect it.

Wind turbines photographed by one of our our drone pilots
wind turbine images by drone pilots

Industry Growth

EmpowerUAV uses drones to actively help the wind industry grow.  Drones also maximize energy collection by providing affordable and efficient wind turbine inspections.  Through these inspections, EmpowerUAV's drones are aiding in increasing the productivity of the wind power industry, while promoting safety and safe work environments.  To learn more about how our services can be implemented to fit your needs, please contact us for a free consultation.

Fly Safe, Fly Legal