New technology for public safety is constantly evolving.  Consequently, drones are proving their usefulness in many aspects of public safety, including first response, search and rescue, and fire fighting.  For example, drones survey scenes from a safe distance before emergency services arrive, lowering safety risks for first responders.  Additionally, thermal imaging has proved effective in search and rescue missions for children and hikers, as well as in locating flood victims–all while reducing the safety hazards emergency workers face.


As with any new technology, it takes time and training for efficient integration.  Therefore, to help the incorporation of this useful technology into your organization, our sister company Code 3 Media provides a comprehensive FAA certification consultation and pilot training program.


Our training program includes ground school with hands on basic flight training, advanced flight maneuvers, mapping, and data processing; 42 hours of flight training in all. The training program’s qualified teachers are experienced on a wide variety of DJI UAVs, including Inspire 1 and 2, all Phantom models, and several Matrice series.  Further, our FAA part 107 certified and insured pilots provide thermal (FLIR) imaging for structure fires and search and rescue.


In addition to providing public safety media services, Code 3 Drone also provides aerial photography and videography.  These services include wedding videography, event videography and photography, real estate photography, and pre-construction legal videography.  For more information on any of Code 3 Drone’s services, please contact Code 3 Media.

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