Image taken by Empower UAV pilot, from a transmission tower inspection

A New Standard

Drones are becoming the go-to technology for transmission and distribution line inspection.  However, as with all new technology and techniques, time and training are needed to successfully integrate it.  EmpowerUAV is making this process simpler.

Qualified Pilots

The drone pilots of EmpowerUAV are well trained in the challenges of transmission and distribution line inspection.  Moreover, with specific knowledge in hazard mitigation, our pilots successfully navigate potentially dangerous environments safely and efficiently.

Thermal image of transmission tower
Thermal image of base of transmission tower.

Quality Data

EmpowerUAV equips its fleet of drones with high resolution cameras.  These cameras are capable of taking detailed photos that aide in identifying problem areas.  Coupled with our skillful pilots, this accurate data provides early access to problems requiring maintenance.  Ultimately, this is saving companies time, money, and preventing disasters.  Please contact us to discover how our services can meet your needs.

Fly Safe, Fly Legal