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According to OSHA, falls are the leading cause of fatal industrial work site injuries. 

Using drones for roof inspections and construction site inspections mitigates this risk.

Often, drones eliminate the need to be on a roof during an inspection altogether.

save time

Save time and money needed to complete a roof or construction site inspection manually. A job that would other otherwise take a crew all day or several days can be accomplished by a pilot’s crew in only a few hours.

As drone operations take place from the ground, safety equipment such as harnesses, scaffolding, and ladders are completely unnecessary. 

Flying the drone from a remote location during a roof or construction site inspection keeps the crew members well out of harm’s way. 

superior data

Our drone fleet creates a high-resolution orthomosaic map. This data allows for easy identification of problem areas; all from the safety of the ground. 

This high-resolution photo capture technology can also be used for professional structure inspections, with the same superior results.

Get an overview of materials and site traffic. Monitor site progress and identify differences between as-designed and as-built site plans.

Our drones capture immersive, 360 degree images. This gives managers the ability to get an overall view of the site that would not be possible on foot or by helicopter.

Click and drag the image below to look around the site.

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