LiDAR Mapping with high accuracy

Lidar is a technology that produces a topographical map that is more accurate than traditional photogrammetry. The laser technology creates elevation data in high resolution and a detailed 3D model. 

Our R2A camera from Rock Robotics and RTK Reach Basestation can produce a map rated for up to 5 cm accuracy. When paired with Ground Control Points (GCPs), we can create a professional, survey-level map with an absolute accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in) RMS horizontal and 3 cm (1.6 in) RMS vertical. 

Our map delivers not only elevation/height information, but also texture, shape, and color. Click here to request a quote or more information!

photogrammetry with low cost

Orthomosaic drone mapping and modeling is providing a fast and efficient way to quickly get an accurate overview of large areas. This type of map is the result of multiple, high-resolution images stitched together.  

As the technology progresses, drones are now providing survey quality precision maps, accurate to 0.1 of a foot.  Additionally, mapping by drone is consistently faster, safer, and cheaper than traditional methods.

Drones the best option for maps and models

Whether LiDAR or photo based, the cameras on our drones provide rich data over large areas. As a result, the collected data can be turned into high-definition maps and models.

Drone mapping has proved to be a valuable tool in collecting information about problem areas on high roofs, solar panels, wind turbines, or other structures. They can be used to determine the health of crops and vegetation, overviews of property for legal reasons, or progress reports on construction sites. For more information on aerial mapping and modeling, please contact us.

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