Fighting Fire With Drones!

At San Bernardino International Airport

We’re working alongside the UAS Center at SBD International Airport, training firefighters to use drones in firefighting efforts.

When it comes to fighting fires, time and safety are crucial. Drones are the fastest and safest way to get eyes in the sky, and that’s why we’re working with the UAS Center at SBD International Airport to train firefighters to use them.

Drones Help Firefighters:
  • Quickly get an aerial view of a fire
  • Detect the hottest spots in a fire (thermal imaging)
  • More effectively allocate personnel and resources
  • Survey areas safely

And if all these perks weren’t enough… the hourly cost to operate a drone is 10x cheaper than operating a helicopter, disregarding the massive cost difference between a drone and a helicopter (and its maintenance costs). 

Helicopters of course still have their place, however certain operations may be replaced by the more cost-effective drone and scenes that would have never benefited from aerial view in the past now can.

And the biggest perk of all: A mishap with a drone costs only a drone, not a human life.

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